Are These Married Life Jokes Relatable For You?

We tend to understand and enjoy more of those mocking situations and illustrations which hilariously depict one or another aspect of either our own life or someone else’s we know of. This way we actually relate the reel life to the real life.

Yehuda Devir is a comic artist, illustrator and a graphic designer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His wife, Maya is also an illustrator and graphic designer. He is a creator of one of the most popular internet blog “One of Those Days”, where he creates fun and adorable comics to describe everyday moments of his married life in a funny and relatable way.

Credit: Instagram 

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#1 Proposal

#2 Hanging by a thread

#3 Lightweight

#4 Unhappy ending

#5 Baby face

#6 Weight lift

#7 Knocking on heavens door

#8 She’s got my back!

#9 Nobody is perfect

#10 New yearZZZ eve.

#11 Workaholic

#12 Happy birthday

#13 Mrs snuggles

#14 Her hair is everywhere!!

#15 Rules

#16 Mirror Mirror

#17 Happy Birthday my love

#18 Couple goals

#19 Her magic touch

#20 A walk in the park.

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