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    Top 20 Worst Female Celebrities Plastic Surgery Fails


    Plastic surgery, beauty injections, botox, fillers – for the appearance of numerous celebrities these words have already become a verdict. The public has been recently shocked with Uma Thurman – the world had spread the news about the ‘new face’ of the actress. On this occasion, we offer to recall the famous victims of the […] More

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    10 Times Rihanna Was A Real Life Disney Princess


    So whether it’s releasing music, appearing in movies, launching her own beauty line, or helping in saving the world, Rihanna manages to slay in everything she does. Just how much she manages to slay every single outfit she chooses to wear. So, seeing as she is basically royalty in her own right. It’s no wonder […] More

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    Top 20 Shocking Photos Of Hollywood Celebrities Without Makeup

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    Hollywood celebrities have always attracted us. They always amaze us with their flawless skin and style. But have you ever seen the Hollywood celebrities without makeup? We’ve caught some shocking pictures of Hollywood celebrities without makeup. These photos will surely make your day. Check out top 20 Shocking Photos Of Hollywood Celebrities Without Makeup. Hope […] More